Bollywood Rom Com: Dum Laga Ke Haisha


Bollywood Rom Com

This Indian rom-com is currently on Netflix and after my mum recommended it to me I decided I’d have to try it. We have similar tastes in films, both of us prefer more independent, international films. I find they can be less predictable than a lot of mainstream blockbusters. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the mainstream films but sometimes an independent/international film can be really refreshing.

bollywood rom com


The film is in Hindi, so there are subtitles, which can be tiring but sometimes I feel like it makes sure I’m actually focussing on the film, rather than listening to it whilst checking my phone (oops).

What is it about?

The story, set in 1995, centres on an arranged marriage between Prem, the useless son of a family that is struggling for money and subsequently coerces him into marrying Sandhya, who’s well educated with good job prospects which could help out the family’s money troubles. Unfortunately for Prem, Sandhya isn’t conventionally pretty. The little whinge bag digs his heels in for practically the whole film having tantrums about how he doesn’t want to be married to a woman who is a little bit fat while Sandhya like most women would, just tries to get on with the marriage. The film culminates in a bet over a ‘wife carrying contest’ where the husbands race an obstacle course carrying their wives on their backs. Prem has to get over his babyish disdain for even touching Sandhya’s body and suck it up (finally).

My Opinion

Despite wanting to punch some sense of respect for your wife into Prem the film was good.   The characters were interesting and of course the shots of India and the river Ganges were beautiful. The music also played a pretty big part in the film as Prem was also a cassette shop owner. Unfortunately he is faced with the sobering fact that cassettes were about to become obsolete. The end credits had a great Bollywood style dance number, with back up dancers, costume changes and the works! I absolutely love Indian dance and the end credits did not disappoint. Probably my favourite bit of the film, is that weird? It was all good this was just a highlight.

I guess the only criticism I have of the film is that they suddenly end up in love. It felt a bit abrupt. Especially considering  they physically slapped each other earlier on in the film.This is my feminist side talking but I guess it is a rom com so what was I expecting really apart from a happily ever after?

Watch the final song of the movie below and prepare to dance uncontrollably:


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