Why hello there adult life


This is it. My degree is finished, I graduate in just over a month and I’ve moved back home to save money and work until I jet off to India in January. This is where I start writing CVs and applying for jobs and doing a massive life laundry. Basically getting everything ready and set up to enable me to travel for 7 months.

Ben has also finished his masters (2 months ago! not fair.) and has a job on the Ferry from Holyhead to Dublin. I’m hoping to get a job there too but I guess we’ll have to see! But enough about job applications.

Recently I seem to get very anxious that I’m not ‘living in the moment’ and appreciating life as it is rather than constantly looking forward to other things and treating the present like a stop gap, just waiting for something more interesting to happen.

It feels really easy to just write off these next 7 months and be looking forward to January. But life is still happening even when you’re waiting for something to arrive and it’s important to try your best and appreciate all of it, even if it does seem mundane, and that the thing round the corner will be better and more exciting.

Life still goes on, and there is more often than not small things to appreciate in every day. It might sometimes be hard to find them after a long shift, or if Ben has to work for a whole week on the ferry and can’t come ashore, and even though he’s only 10 minutes away I can’t actually see him, like next week! But there will still be great things to find in every day, and I just need to try and make the effort to find them.

Travelling is going to be amazing, but sometimes I enjoy simple life and routine just as much. They each have their advantages, maybe one is more exciting than the other but the possibility of seeing family at a moments notice, spending time with people and pets and just enjoying a routine can be just as good for your soul, so right now I’m ready to enjoy being home. The travelling will come sooner than I can anticipate.



  1. June 17, 2016 / 8:43 pm

    I was in the same place as you last year (just graduated, counting down the days until my flight) and I swear, the next seven months will fly by so fast for you – make the most of being home while you can, and eat your body weight in roast dinners, because they just don’t exist in India. 🙁

    • June 17, 2016 / 8:45 pm

      I know, I feel like it’ll go so much faster especially when I finally get a job! I’m planning to, already got roast pork on its way for Sunday!!!

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