Current Travel Plans




Here is the text that kickstarted our travel plans for next year.

As you can see it was an out of the blue decision, Ben and I were both about to finish our degrees with no plans lined up after. I’d been considering taking on a masters but couldn’t quite face another year of hardcore studying! So it was decided.

After Ben initially tested the waters asking me if I wanted to go for a month I had to drop the bombshell that I was thinking of more like… 7 months!

So then we decided on India, Asia, Australia and of course it had to be at least 7 months! The planning mania was about to begin.

Over the next few months while I was meant to be studying in the library, I was sneakily on pinterest, pinning articles about India, Indo-China and Australia… Ben finished before me but he had to hold back from sending me exciting articles that might send my travel planning frenzy out of control! It was very hard to put my head down and think of the degree!

So, here is our initial plan:

January 2017 : Fly from Manchester to South India (Kochi or Goa)

Jan, Feb, Mar: Travel up from Kochi/Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore, Jaipur, Calcutta Varanasi (not necessarily in that order)

March 14th: Holi Festival!

March 15th/16th : Fly to Bangkok

Mar, Apr, May: Travel round from Bangkok through Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, back to northern Thailand, down to Bangkok. Then to Thai Islands including Koh Tao for a week to get our scuba diving licence

Mid-May : Travel down to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

End of May : Travel to Borneo, down to Bali, Lombok, Indonesian Islands including Komodo Islands (Ben is a reptile freak!) for 4(ish) weeks

Beginning of July : Fly to Cairns

July, August, beginning September : Road trip down the East Coast, visiting family in New South Wales

September: HOME (hopefully for Ben to start his PhD)


If you’ve visited any of these places and have any recommendations please don’t hesitate to get in contact! This page will be updated when plans become more concrete and flights get booked. We’ll be travelling with a loose structure but will be booking the bigger flights before departing.