My 5 Favourite Things About Brussels


My First Trip to Brussels

It’s getting close to the year mark of when I set off on my month long solo European tour. Last year on the 10th of June, after being home for about 4 days after returning home from France I set off to start my trip beginning in Brussels. I’d never been to Belgium, only passed through on the way to Amsterdam on a coach trip (awful) and stopped in a service station. But I felt like I would like Brussels, why wouldn’t I? I speak French, it should be the easiest place on the whole trip.

But there’s another reason I’m looking back at Brussels today. Tomorrow I finish my degree for good (oh my god) and on Sunday lovely Ben is taking me to Brussels. So I thought in this post I’d concentrate on some of the things I’m really looking forward to doing again.

1. Fries


Look at those beautiful crispy golden things. And the sauce. Oh my god the sauce. This was my first meal in Brussels, in fact my first meal by myself on the whole trip. It was a great one, so many carbs. And can we also note the beer… which brings me onto my second point.

2. Beer


Brussels and Belgium in general just have an amazing selection of amazing beers. Trust me I had a great time trying them. The picture above is from a bar crawl I went on my second night. Look how civilised we are, sitting round a table. The picture below is how the night ended.


But Brussels beer is world renowned and we visited some great bars during the evening tasting all the great beers. However the best place has to be under point number 3.

3. Delirium Bar


One of the best nights out of my whole month trip, and my first. Delirium didn’t disappoint, it’s absolutely massive and the bar is split into different buildings across an alley, where everyone ends up just drinking outside in this little gap between the two sides. They hold the guinness world record for the most amount of beers, over 3000!!! They genuinely have a catalogue for you to choose from. It’s insane, one of those bars that has an amazing vibe and is full of both tourists and locals.

I’m lucky enough that I now live only half an hour away from a Belgian beer shop that stocks Delirium beer. Hallelujah!

4. Waffles

You can find waffles for as little as 1 euro around the city. Of course you can go crazy with toppings like nutella, banana, cream, strawberries etc, but personally I like the simple but delicious powdered sugar. You can’t beat the simple things in life. You can read more about my love of waffles in Belgium here.

5. Wackiness

Brussels is one of those European cities that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Take for example the small weeing boy statue, the famous manneken pis. That’s kind of what Brussels is like, it’s also filled with comic murals which are super fun. Basically expect a relaxed vibe that embraces it’s weird culture. They also have a peeing dog statue and a peeing little girl. But don’t let that put you off. Brussels is a great laugh.

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