5 Useful Products for Women Who Travel


Here’s a blog post for the ladies today. One of the cool things about being is a girl is being able to find cool girl products to take travelling. Now you can be as high or low maintenance as you like when you travel it’s absolutely down to personal preference. For example I really can’t be bothered to put makeup on when I’m travelling most days as the sun and humidity mean it just melts off my face. But it’s still useful to have some girl items to take travelling that will make life a bit easier as well. These are my 5 useful products for women who travel.



Wunderbrow 5 Useful Products for Women Who TravelNow although I said I couldn’t be bothered with makeup I will still often fill in my eyebrows jussst a tiny bit. I have very gappy eyebrows so I like to just fill those annoying gaps in. The only annoying thing is finding a brow product that will stay on in high humidity when you’re sweating like a pig. Then I found Wunderbrow! It was recommended to me by my sister who is also cursed with a sparser brow. I ordered it with my xmas money and I was converted in a few days.

You have to be a bit careful as it can be a bit heavy especially if you’re not wearing any other makeup but after a few tries you get the hang of it and it looks more natural. Make sure to get the right colour too. I’m blonde but I bought the brunette which can look a little dark if I’m not careful. I was worried about coverage when I bought it but this stuff stayed on for a whole day in hot and sweaty India. I don’t use it every day but on the days I feel like I need my brows, like when I have to be stern and say no to tuk tuk drivers, it’s perfect.

2. Shewee

shewee 5 Useful Products for Women Who TravelIf you don’t know what a Shewee is it’s basically a funnel that means you can pee standing up like a dude. Now come on girls who doesn’t want to be able to pee standing up! It’s so much easier for guys so let’s join in! But seriously, Ben thought I was very weird when I asked for this for Xmas. I ended up having my mum buy it for me as he just couldn’t get over it.

My reasoning was thus: we’re going to the jungle, there are lots of things on the jungle floor including leeches, red ants, ticks. Peeing standing up is just common sense. If you get worried about dirty toilet seats this is also a great product to have with you. It’s best to have a few practice goes because we’re not quite so used to aiming and getting the hang of controlling the speed can take some rehearsing. But once you get the hang of it you’ll never look back. You can get this product in original (just the funnel) or extreme (funnel, hose attachment and case). The case makes it easy to carry and the bright pink means it’s easy to find in my huge backpack. You can get this colour in literally every colour possible so take your pick!


3. Mooncup

mooncup 5 Useful Products for Women Who Travel
A mooncup is basically a little silicone cup that is used instead of a tampon. It’s saved me money, space in my backpack and from producing a lot of waste. I had wanted to try a mooncup for ages but just hadn’t got round to buying one. Until I put it on my xmas list so I could take it travelling. Thanks again mum!

Some people may feel a bit icky about the idea and it does take a few tries to get used to. Not going to lie you have to feel very comfortable with your ‘down there’ and you have to persist in order to get used to it. But once you’re past the awkward stage it’s such a useful product. From an ecological side it really does save a tonne of waste. It also means that you avoid the awkward ‘theres no bin what do I do?’ problem you can come across with some bathrooms. You simply rinse it and pop it back in and you’re good to go for most of the day. It comes in two sizes depending on your age and whether you’ve given birth. Have a good read of the description and decide what’s right for you.


4. Cycling Shorts

black shorts 5 Useful Products for Women Who Travel

If you’re lucky you won’t need these and won’t have any idea why they are so absolutely vital to my travelling. Here goes girls, confession time. My thighs touch!!! (Oh my gosh!). But seriously I know there must be other girls that suffer with this. I don’t think it would matter how skinny I was or whatever, the way my body is my thighs touch. I squat and deadlift, I don’t want skinny thighs personally, I’m happy with chunky thighs that can lift heavy stuff!

But in humidity and heat, walking around for hours, it hurts! It can ruin my day. So what do I do? Do I wear leggings all the time? And sweat to within an inch of my life? No. Use talcum powder? Constantly runs out. No. Or anti chafe cream? Never works for longer than an hour. Nope. The only method that works is the ‘barrier method’. I buy shorts that will create a barrier but not show under dresses or skirts.

It’s also very easy to make your own from old leggings. Because I wear them so much (and they do their job) I’ve actually had holes appear in shorts that make them useless, so I’ve simply cut the legs off leggings that were wearing out anyway. They’re my number one travelling item and I highly recommend them if you suffer the curse of chafing thighs.


5. Makeup Eraser

makeup eraser 5 Useful Products for Women Who TravelSimilar to my Mooncup this product is great for saving me money and waste. This cloth cleans up all your makeup just using water. It’s very gentle on your skin and the texture means that it will clean your skin really well. It doesn’t always quite get all the mascara off and you sometimes have to have a few goes with it but it’s much better than carrying a store of makeup wipes around with you.

I have the original Make Up Eraser in black but to be honest I find it’s pretty big and I could have easily got away with a mini one. I use it even when I haven’t been wearing makeup and it feels amazing to wipe off all the sweat and grime of the day off. Just make sure to chuck it in with your laundry every now and again to keep it clean otherwise your skin could suffer.


So there we have it, those are my top girl things to take travelling. I’d love to hear some of your suggestions! Comment and let me know what your favourite girl things are to take on your adventures. 


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