About the Wandering Welshie

Who is the Wandering Welshie?

I’m Sarah, a blogger and explorer from North Wales in the UK. This blog was initially launched as a travel blog with the aim of making money. But after a lot of stress, time and money I decided that it was making me unhappy and I didn’t want something I’d invested so much time into to make me sad. So after taking a break I decided to have a revamp and focus on exploring not just countries, places and cultures, but more things like my creativity and new ideas more to do with lifestyle. So now I’ve decided that this blog will be a place for me, if my readers enjoy it then all the better but I won’t let myself be controlled by stats and earnings.


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My Travels & What I Do

I’m in the middle of a 6 month trip around Asia with Ben. You can read more about that here. During our travels I have also become a reluctant field assistant to my boyfriend who is a herpetologist (reptile freak). I get dragged into many jungles to find snakes and lizards.

When I get back in September I’ll be starting teacher training to teach secondary French! Wish me luck. My ultimate wish is to travel the world and teach but first I want to lay down the groundwork so I can travel the world without busting out of the budget, like we’ve managed to do this time!



You want to know even more?!

If you’d like to know more about me then feel free to drop me an email at thewanderingwelshie@gmail.com. I’m always open to working with new projects and people. Take a look at my work with me page to find out more.